New instruments

Using long-seasoned highly-figured European maple and top quality  spruce, Rudolf makes violins, violas and cellos. Modelled on classical instruments from the 17th and 18th century, Rudolf's instruments are made using the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship. All instruments are entirely made by hand and oil varnished. Top-quality fittings of ebony, rosewood or boxwood complete the instrument which is played and adjusted to bring out its full tone and timbre.


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Bow making

Requiring the greatest precision, making bows takes combination of woodworking, silversmithing and engineering techniques. Rare pernambuco wood of the correct density, flexibility, colour and grain is selected and worked to fractions of a millimetre, cambering to a precise curve using dry heat. Finished either octagonally or round, the bow stick is mounted with ebony and silver or ivory and the fifteen component bow frog fitted with precision. Lapping is made from sterling silver or imitation whalebone, and completed with kangaroo, goat or lizard skin thumbgrip. The Canadian and  Mongolian horse hair Rudolf uses to complete or re-hair a bow is of the highest quality.

Rudolf Pilsel Hand crafted Violin